crash in atexit()

Scott Anderson scott_anderson at
Mon Nov 12 09:49:10 EST 2001

Mark Pilon wrote:
> I'm SEGV'ing in atexit(), because of an apparently hard-coded
> null pointer dereference: [ the call to atexit() is made by
> __libc_start_main so I think I'm close to running ...]

This may be totally irrelevant, but I thought I would mention it just in
case it is useful.  At one point, I had to chase down a bug due to the
zero-page getting written to.  That bug was in early 405 kernels and was
due to a documentation defect in the 405GP documentation for the ZPR
register.  You might want to take a look and make sure that your
zero-page is still all zeroes.

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