SysVInit, /etc/TIMEZONE, getty_ps, telnet, and rsh

Grant Erickson erick205 at UMN.EDU
Thu Feb 22 05:10:27 EST 2001

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> According to Grant Erickson:
> > The problem I am having, which may be due to inappropriate hacking of
> > sysvinit, is that sometimes processes of which 'init' is a parent do not
> > inherit the environment variables exported:
> They probably do inherit the environment, but simply reset the
> environment internally ignoring whatever was set by the parent.
> > Has anyone else modified sysvinit in this way? Any success? Did I miss
> > something key in my patch?
> I think you need to study the source code of those misbehaving programs.

Thanks, that was a worthy exercise. Neither 'getty_ps' nor 'in.rlogind'
pass the "-p" flag to the 'login' program resulting in the behavior
environment-clearing behavior I had seen. Unfortunately, adding the "-p"
flag will have some other side effects such as HOME, PATH, and HIST not
being set correctly under 'getty_ps', so this requires a bigger fix than
I'd hoped.

> BTW, you could have achieved the same by using /etc/initscript. Could
> be a shell script, but could be a small compiled executable too that
> sets TZ.

Thanks. I need to address the above issue first and then will look at that
as an alternative to my original patch.

Thanks again!


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