ATM driver for 8260 (linux 2.4.x) + more questions

Alex Zeffertt ajz at
Wed Dec 19 01:16:50 EST 2001

None Atall wrote:
>  By the way, as I can see from mpc860sar code, the
> ATM device is connected on SCCx via utopia. Our board
> (MPC8260ADS and our custom one) have the ATM connected
> on FCC1. Will I need too many changes after the patch?
> Can anyone evaluate the changes that i will need?
> We are running out of time, so I wonder...
>                                   Thanks a lot!
>                                       D.Meidanis

As I understand it there is no FCC1 on the 860.  This is something you get with the 8260 only.  With
the 860 you need to use the utopia interface.

I wrote the code for the 860 so there is no support for FCC ATM.  You'll have to read the 8260 UM to
work out how much there is to do.


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