A dirty 8xx SPI driver.

Navin Boppuri navin.boppuri at newisys.com
Wed Dec 19 02:58:01 EST 2001

Hello Kevin,

I am sending you a simple spi driver for the 8xx machine that I
developed a long time back. Please dont send hate mails to me cause the
this was a driver that I wrote to just get something done fast. There
are no proper defines for anything. There is a small HOWTO for this
driver that I beleive will help you get going. Please note that this
driver was a kernel level driver used with the 2.2.14 kernel. But with a
little tweaking, you should be able to make it make it work for the new
kernel. Also, make it a loadable kernel module if you are interested. 

Anyone and everyone is free to clean up the crappy code in the driver
and put in nice defines to make the code readable. You may also put in
IOCTL's for all the configuration options for the SPI controller.  

I have been busy with other things and have not had the time to clean up
this driver. Please note that this driver was my first Linux device
driver, so please be forgiving.

At the end, if you beleive that it is easier to write a driver from
scratch, get rid of it. But I beleive that this peice of code will
surely be helpful for someone trying to get things going with the SPI.
Have fun. :):) 


P.S ( This driver was written to interface the SPI to an UART. Ignore
all the UART specific defines).

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Is there an MPC8260 SPI driver out there for Linux?  It wouldn't be
terribly hard to write one on my own, but why re-invent the wheel?

A link to an 8xx driver would be almost as good. The only one I've found
so far has been SPI over a PC's parallel port. heh


Kevin Fry

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