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Navin Boppuri navin.boppuri at newisys.com
Wed Aug 15 05:40:28 EST 2001

Can I have the dd commands once again? I am not using busybox stuff.

Thank you.

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> Coool!! Now I have the flash driver registering itself and telling me
> all about the number of partitions on my flash etc. etc. I have the
> flash device in the /dev directory. Now, how do I use them? I remember
> using them before using the dd command.

That's one option. If your write() calls are the same or  a  multiple
of  the erase block size, the driver performs auto-erase. You you can
just read / write it.

Attached below is a small patch against busybox to add flash_info and
flash_erase as busybox applets. [That's  part  of  SELF,  our  Simple
Embedded  Linux  Framework; I just wish I'd find the time to complete
the documentation so I could put it all up for FTP...]

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