bootloader for deeply embedded 405CR

Bryan Rittmeyer bryan at
Sun Apr 8 06:09:12 EST 2001

Hello linuxppc-embedded,

I am attempting to boot Montavista's PPC405 Linux port on
a very minimal 405CR Rev C target: essentially, there's 64MB
of SDRAM and a minicom on UART0. I have a 405GP kernel
loading great on the Walnut board using the IBM serial
monitor and treeboot, but I'm unsure what I need to do
on the CR before I can begin successfully running Linux on it.
I am using an Abatron BDI2000 along with GDB to load code and
tweak registers on the target.

Right now, I am configuring the SDRAM controller and UART0,
but apparently that is not sufficient to fully boot Linux,
since I never get any output on the serial port except for
the 'a' debug printout I enabled in head_4xx.S

Does anyone have a minimal 405GP/CR bootloader that I
could use as an example? Or perhaps a FAQ on how to bring
up a deeply embedded 405 using the Abatron box?


Bryan Rittmeyer

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