DiskOnChip Millennium flash chip on PPC

Jeffrey D. Kowing jeffrey.d.kowing1 at jsc.nasa.gov
Sat Apr 7 00:52:09 EST 2001

Recently, the hardware guys in my group are considering the DiskOnChip
Millennium MD2810.


Some time ago there were some discussions about the DiskOnChip from
M-Systems on Linux/PPC targets.


>From the MTD for Linux website, http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/, I
gather that there is now a GPL'd driver available (not from M-Systems,
but from David Woodhouse of the MTD project) and that it is in the
Linux 2.4 kernel.  There are also references to its use in the GNU
Grub and LinuxBios projects.

I was wondering since the time of the previous discussions on this
list if anyone has had any further experience or advice about the
DiskOnChip on PPC targets that they would care to share?

Many thanks.

Jeff Kowing
jeffrey.d.kowing1 at jsc.nasa.gov

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