bootloader for deeply embedded 405CR

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sun Apr 8 06:50:14 EST 2001

Dear Bryan,

in message <3ACF73E8.24CAACE4 at> you wrote:
> Does anyone have a minimal 405GP/CR bootloader that I
> could use as an example? Or perhaps a FAQ on how to bring
> up a deeply embedded 405 using the Abatron box?

Did you try to run our Open Source Firmware "PPCBoot" on your  board?
The Walnut is one of the many supported configurations.

See the project page at, which points you  to
the CVS server on sourceforge or our FTP server at

For PPCBoot related  questions  you  can  subscribe  to  the  PPCBoot
mailing list (ppcboot-users at

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