GDB for host development platform

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Sat Nov 11 03:35:22 EST 2000

Why not take a look at the Cross Development Kit from
MontaVista Software? If you go to their web site you
can download it for free. It comes with GDB and
GDB server which uses the ethernet to debug.

Cal Erickson

john zhan wrote:

> I have now successfully build GDB-4.18 for linux/ppc.
> Both target and host are powerpc-linux.
> When I was trying to run a executable in my target
> hardware(8xx) with gdb(target for exec),
>  e.g. hello,
> GDB said
> "
> Starting program: ./hello
> Don't know how to run.  Try "help target".
> "
> Questions:
>     1. what's going on it?
>     2. Does(Did) anyone do the same thing?
>     3.The cross-debugger + target gdb server with a serial connection
>          is the unique choices?
>     4. I wonder which is the best way to debug a linux/ppc application
>         on the embedded platform.
>     5. What do you think a full host development environment
>         (including native comilper,debugger etc) in the embedded
>         system.
> thank for any response.
> regards.
> john zhan.

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