GDB for host development platform

Cal Erickson cal_erickson at
Tue Nov 14 02:11:12 EST 2000

If you want to do that check out MontaVista again.
There is both a cross development and native
version of gdb on the product. The version of GDB
is 5.0.

john zhan wrote:

> Thank you, Daris and Cal, for your reponse.
> I believe cross-debugger is good way,no mater the
> connection method, serial or Ethernet.
> My point is the native debugger targeted exec-file.
> The background of my idea is that I will build a new
>  ppc system which have all necessary peripheral including
> a harddisk, keyboard ,  graphics device and other
> standard port.
> Base this platform to develop embedded applications,
> In fact,I am afraid I will break the traditional development
>  mode ,discard the host machine, combine host and  target
>  physically, all in one,  like programming in linux/pc.
>  I think it can be easy acceptable.
> So,I hope GDB can work with exec-file target in a standalone
> linux/ppc machine.
> It is the worst news that GDB is not ready for linux/ppc exec-file target.
> Can someone tell me more about this?
> But I can still use GDB targeted extended-remote in native environment.right?
> Thanks in advance.
> john zhan.

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