DSI Exception

Rainer Kloud rainer.kloud at siemens.at
Fri Nov 10 22:21:38 EST 2000

Dear All,

I have a problem when executeing the init process.

First to the configuration: I use the core of a MPC750
which is mapped into a MPC8260 (Motorola Scout Board in
Compagnion Mode).
Kernel: 2.4.0-test4
gcc: 2.95.2
glibc: 2.1.3 with ctype.patch

I can startup the kernel without problems, but when
executeing the first instructions of the init process
(statical linked sash) I get a DSI Exception.
When I debug the init process I can see, that the exception
occoures at the following point:

100000c0 <_start>:
100000c0: 7c 29 0b 78  mr r9,r1
100000c4: 54 21 00 36  rlwinm r1,r1,0,0,27
100000c8: 38 00 00 00  li r0,0
100000cc: 94 21 ff f0  stwu r1,-16(r1)
100000d0: 7c 08 03 a6  mtlr r0
100000d4: 90 01 00 00  stw r0,0(r1)
100000d8: 3d 00 10 06  lis r8,4102
100000dc: 85 a8 92 00  lwzu r13,-28160(r8)
100000e0: 48 00 ed c8  b 1000eea8 <__libc_start_main>
1000eea8 <__libc_start_main>:
1000eea8: 94 21 ff e0  stwu r1,-32(r1)
1000eeac: 7c 08 02 a6  mflr r0      <-------- DSI Exception
1000eeb0: 93 61 00 0c  stw r27,12(r1)

At the beginning of _start GPR1 was 0xb, GPR1 (SP) 0x7fffff90,
GPR2 0xc0210000 and GPR3 0x0.
When the Exception occoures GPR0 has the value zero.

The DSISR register has the value 0x42000000 which means that
a store instruction results in a direct store error
exception (correct?). I don't know what that means for me?
What have I done (or what haven't I done) that I get these

Thank you in advance!


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