Performance 2.2.13 and USB work

Dan Malek dan at
Tue Mar 7 05:01:26 EST 2000

Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> The fact that Dan's 2.2.13 uses write through cache is one thing that
> will affect performance. Grep for DC_SFWT in kernel/head.S and change
> the #if 0 to #if 1.

I did this because many people were using the standard
distribution libraries, which don't work with copyback

For a real treat, download the linuxplanet-2.2.13 kernel
sources from MontaVista.  It includes some configuration
options that will be in the 2.3.xx sources once I get
them to compile :-).  For example, the copyback cache
and 860 Rev. B cpu6 silicon errata are configurable.

	-- Dan

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