Performance 2.2.13 and USB work

Marcus Sundberg erammsu at
Tue Mar 7 02:11:25 EST 2000

Björn Lundberg <bjorn.lundberg at> writes:

> We've been using 2.2.5 and wanted to move up to 2.2.13
> So, we made a diff on all changes we've done on Malek's 2.2.5 and
> applied that to 2.2.13.
> We then ran a test on it and found 2.2.13 was 3 times slower than 2.2.5!
> We haven't analyzed what made the difference (or in fact what changes
> we've introduced to 2.2.13 with the patch, other than the reported
> conflicts).
> Is there anyone that experienced the same fenomena?
> What might be the reason for this?

The fact that Dan's 2.2.13 uses write through cache is one thing that
will affect performance. Grep for DC_SFWT in kernel/head.S and change
the #if 0 to #if 1.

I don't know if that's the only reason, but we don't get any
performance degradation here with 2.2.13.

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