PCMCIA-IDE for mpc8xx-linux-2.2.13

Frank Przybylski Frank.Przybylski at vas-gmbh.de
Wed Mar 1 23:58:51 EST 2000


I'm trying to connect an IDE disk to the mpc860, on a TQM-860L Module
running linux-2.2.13.
According to Dan Malek it should be possible to use the PCMCIA port as a
simple IDE interface (as stated also in m8xx_setup.c).
When I try to compile the kernel with IDE/ATA-2 disk support, I get
'm8xx_setup.c: In function `m8xx_ide_init_hwif_ports':'
'm8xx_setup.c:418: `PCMCIA_MEM_ADDR' undeclared (first use in this
So I guess I need some patches for port access and irq mapping,
mentioned by Dan.
Is it possible to make these patches available on the net?

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