A question about head.S

Grant Erickson erick205 at tc.umn.edu
Thu Jun 29 01:11:25 EST 2000

>From 'info as':

Local Symbol Names

   Local symbols help compilers and programmers use names temporarily.
There are ten local symbol names, which are re-used throughout the
program.  You may refer to them using the names `0' `1' ... `9'.  To
define a local symbol, write a label of the form `N:' (where N
represents any digit).  To refer to the most recent previous definition
of that symbol write `Nb', using the same digit as when you defined the
label.  To refer to the next definition of a local label, write
`Nf'--where N gives you a choice of 10 forward references.  The `b'
stands for "backwards" and the `f' stands for "forwards".

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On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Pei-Jie Hong wrote:
> In arch/ppc/kernel/head.S, there are lines looks like
> bne 4f or b 5f, I know they are branch instructions, but what
> about 4f or 5f. Are they the relative length? and what is the unit,
> I mean if 4f is a number , is it number of instructions or number
> of bytes or words?

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