A question about head.S

Jerry Van Baren vanbaren_gerald at si.com
Thu Jun 29 01:17:03 EST 2000

You can use numbers for local (temporary) labels followed by 'f' for
forward or 'b' for back.  The instruction bne 4f goes to the label '4'
further down in the program.  If it was bne 4b, it would go to the
label '4' previously seen in the file.  This is good for short logical
jumps and loops.  Use the feature with care, massive confusion
otherwise ensues.


At 04:29 PM 4/28/00 +0200, Pei-Jie Hong wrote:

>In arch/ppc/kernel/head.S, there are lines looks like
>bne 4f or b 5f, I know they are branch instructions, but what
>about 4f or 5f. Are they the relative length? and what is the unit,
>I mean if 4f is a number , is it number of instructions or number
>of bytes or words?

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