Dan Malek dan at netx4.com
Thu Jun 29 18:45:27 EST 2000

Jamie Guinan wrote:

> m8xx_setup.c doesn't seem to want both IDE and PCMCIA ATA devices
> to exist at the same time, though.  Not sure what to do about that,

It's an interrupt routing issue.  In fact, all of the support
for SouthBridge/8259 controller parts on an 8xx is an interrupt
routing issue.  Mapping the internal interrupts from something
like the PCMCIA into the same space as the PCI/ISA has never
worked in the 8xx port.  You basically get to configure an
"8xx PC" or an "8xx embedded".  Cort and I are constantly working
on some better interrupt mapping scheme, some of it "sticks" in
the kernel sources.  The entire Linux kernel is either "PC" or

I don't know of any production boards that support PCI with ISA
on an 8xx.  You can program the UPM to provide ISA bus timing,
or for a few pennies put a programmable device on the 8xx bus
if you want an IDE device.

> .....  If I can hack
> them to both work at the same time for my own purposes, I'll
> be happy.

You can.....It just won't run on anything else when you are done.

	-- Dan

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