My resignation

Richard Hendricks richard.hendricks at
Thu Jun 22 05:33:44 EST 2000

After much deliberation, I have decided to move on to a different
venue.  Motorola has been a great place for me to learn, but the time
has come for a change.  I have really enjoyed working with you guys on
the MPC82x, and will miss all of you greatly.

As a legacy of sorts, many names related to the MPC82x have been been
included in an Acknowledgements section at the front of the new
MPC823/MPC823e manuals.  Those of you listed, I hope you don't mind,
and don't take it too hard if you didn't make it. (Dan, your name got
included twice, I guess that means you were twice as important. :)
The new manual should be availible Any Day Now.  It, along with
the SDRAM application note, are a gift, in a sense, to the MPC82x
community from me.

After June 23rd, I will no longer be supporting the MPC82x in an
official capacity, however I will try to do my best to help
unofficially on and linuxppc-embedded.  June
26th I begin my position at Intel doing support for StrongARM in
the wireless and handheld market, so I'm sure we'll meet again sooner
or later.  Official support is going to continue being your local
FAE and the Motorola website.

I wish all of you the best.
MPC823 Applications Engineering Development
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