EST SBC8260 & abatron

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Jun 1 08:18:08 EST 2000

"Gessner, Matt" wrote:
> A long subject...
> I'm having trouble accessing the upper 8MB of the 16MB SDRAM SIMM on this
> board.
> I'm wondering if I don't have something configured wrong in my BDI2000
> config file.

Didn't we discuss this once before?  There were some suggestions posted.

> Also, we're trying to load the linux kernel into this system.
> How are the folks out there doing that?  Via ftp?  Via a bootloader on the
> chip on the board tied to /CS0?  What exactly?

I am using a high speed serial S-record downloader.  I guess I will
be posting the boot rom and the loader for the EST8260 when I get
a chance later this week.  I then load and flash a kernel the same
way.  I have some flash utilities that run from Linux and just reflash
kernels into different areas for testing.  I have just finished a
program to hack the zImage header so the VxWorks boot rom will load
it.  I only spent about half an hour, so it needs a little cleaning up,
but it seems to work.  I am hoping someone will provide a TFTP loader
for the code I post.......

	-- Dan

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