EST SBC8260 & abatron

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Jun 1 07:31:27 EST 2000

In message <7283DE19D141D111AD0E00A0C95B195502581D61 at> you wrote:
> I'm having trouble accessing the upper 8MB of the 16MB SDRAM SIMM on this
> board.
> I'm wondering if I don't have something configured wrong in my BDI2000
> config file.

Although I don't have a 8260 here to test, you could send me your BDI2000
config file.

BTW - which firmware version are  you  running?  Abatron  implemented
some Linux-friendly extensions lately...

> Would anyone care to send me one they're using that works?

Is a MPC8xx file of any uise to you?

> Also, we're trying to load the linux kernel into this system.
> How are the folks out there doing that?  Via ftp?  Via a bootloader on the
> chip on the board tied to /CS0?  What exactly?

Well, why don't you use your BDI2000 to load the image, or to load it
and burn it to FLASH? You already have a BDI, so use it...

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