CUSTOM MP860 PowerQuiccMH BOARD-Need help to program Flash

Sebastien Articlaux sebastien_articlaux at
Wed Feb 9 20:13:31 EST 2000

Hello all PPC man,

I am a student working for MATRA SI in electronic
We want to run linuxppc on a custom MPC860
PowerQuiccMH board diskless,networless
with 64Mo DRAM and 4Mo Flash.

We use EST VisionProbe to debbug and download files
into Flash and RAM.

Sebastien Tadeoni who worked before me had built
vmlinuw.initrd with
embedded 2.2.5 and now my job is to download it to the
Flash and try to boot...

our Flash start at 0x0 to 0x3FFFFF
    RAM   start at 0x8000000

But my problem is that when I convert vmlinux.initrd
(1.11 Mega, ELF Format) to a  *.BIN
(Our emulator EST Vision Probe convert it to a BIN
format before downloading into the Flash)
there is only 26K of program code in the Flash which
start at 0x100000

I try to add some BIAS before download but it's the

Do you know what?

How can be sure that my file vmlinux.initrd(ELF
Format) and my .BIN are correct ?

I think .BIN is not good but i'm not sure...

What do you think about that?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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