CUSTOM MP860 PowerQuiccMH BOARD-Need help to program Flash

sungyeon sungyeon at
Wed Feb 9 20:27:55 EST 2000

I'v converted ELF -> s rec -> est bin format
and works fine!!

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Subject: CUSTOM MP860 PowerQuiccMH BOARD-Need help to program Flash

> Hello all PPC man,
> I am a student working for MATRA SI in electronic
> section
> We want to run linuxppc on a custom MPC860
> PowerQuiccMH board diskless,networless
> with 64Mo DRAM and 4Mo Flash.
> We use EST VisionProbe to debbug and download files
> into Flash and RAM.
> Sebastien Tadeoni who worked before me had built
> vmlinuw.initrd with
> embedded 2.2.5 and now my job is to download it to the
> Flash and try to boot...
> our Flash start at 0x0 to 0x3FFFFF
>     RAM   start at 0x8000000
> But my problem is that when I convert vmlinux.initrd
> (1.11 Mega, ELF Format) to a  *.BIN
> (Our emulator EST Vision Probe convert it to a BIN
> format before downloading into the Flash)
> there is only 26K of program code in the Flash which
> start at 0x100000
> I try to add some BIAS before download but it's the
> same.
> Do you know what?
> How can be sure that my file vmlinux.initrd(ELF
> Format) and my .BIN are correct ?
> I think .BIN is not good but i'm not sure...
> What do you think about that?
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Sebastien ARTICLAUX

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