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Cort Dougan cort at
Sat Feb 12 08:08:50 EST 2000

} For the MBX in particular, the support of the PC-style I/O has
} finally been broken.  The support of the IDE was always a problem
} because of the desire to use PCMCIA flash, the QSpan never seemed
} to pass interrupt correctly, and now generic kernel changes finally
} broke the indirect access to the 8259 (and I am still puzzled how
} it is supported on other PMacs.....).

For one, 8259 isn't supported on PMacs :)  I'd found when I first did IDE
on the MBX that there was a lot of contradictory information in the docs on
how those interrupts were passed through.  Matt Porter at Moto finally got
me the correct info (not on Moto time though, I don't want to get him into
trouble...).  If you've found it's not working correctly please let me
know.  I don't claim my understanding or implementation is full or
completely correct.

Can you tell me the 8259 problems you're having?  I'd like to fix those at

} Anyway, those are some of the things I am working on.  There are
} many other little things, like building without PCI configured
} doesn't work either.  The last working 2.3.xx kernel I used and
} updated was 2.3.18.
} I am actively working on all of these because I want to make
} sure we have a solid 8xx configuration when 2.4.x hits.
} I will make an announcement when I get something stable again.

Please keep me up-to-date with what you do.  I'm trying to get things to a
semi-stable state on all platforms for 2.4.

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