Compiling 2.3.18

Claude Robitaille crobitaille at
Tue Sep 21 11:18:03 EST 1999

On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Dan Malek wrote:

> > I downloaded 2.3.18 from and I am able to compile
> > (after fixing one of the file).
> This looks like a mirror, so it is likely up to date.  What
> was the problem with

it was with the drivers/char/ Thew problem was a missing ] in
an if statement, unfortunately, I do not remember which line ... :-( Next
time, I'll take notes. Unless I send the file to you so you could do
a diff.

> > Could it be a problem with Dave's tar (as for fadsrom.tar)?
> I don't understand why some people have problems with this file.
> I continually download and extract it just fine on any of my
> Linux machines.  What are you using?
I had the same problem with fasdron.tar.gz (or tgz...), At that
time, I had tried both RH6.0 on a Pentium and R5 on a PowerMac
(but I guess the tools are from the same sources anyway). This time
it was on the PowerMac. But, anyway, I avoided the problem by
having drivers/Makfile not to compile the drivers/sound directory
if CONFIG_SOUND is not set. I added an ifdef statement.

> I usually put something there as a convenience for people that
> can't get CVS access through a fire wall.  It represents my
> source tree, which is known to build, just before I make CVS commits.

if I understand well, right after your local source tree, CVS is the most
up to date. I never used it and I am not behind a firewall, where are the
instructions on how to use it, i.e. do you have an URL?


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