Compiling 2.3.18

Claude Robitaille crobitaille at
Wed Sep 22 10:13:10 EST 1999

I am now able to run make dep using different board type (I have not
tested them all, and I do not know which type will be the closer
to my target; is there a description somewhere?).

Compiling (make zImage) fails :-(

It stops when doing sched.c with an error basically saying that
NR_8259_INTS is undefined.

I dig into the problem and found that the chain of defines/includes
is sched.c -> kernel_stat.h -> irq.h -> mpc8xx.h -> board_specific.h

kernel_stat uses NR_IRQS
irq.h defines NR_IRQS using NR_8259_INTS
board_specific.h defines NR_8259_INTS

the problem is that irq.h includes mpc8xx.h AFTER it uses NR_8259_INTS

Is it ok to move the mpc8xx.h inclusion statement earlier in the
irq.h file? Is there a reason for it to be late in the file?


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