glibc for mpc860

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Fri Sep 10 10:41:58 EST 1999

Dan Malek wrote:

> > Any chance you could put your libc-1.99 (or a pointer to it) up at
> > ?

> It's been there a long time....libc-1.99-8xx.somthing_or_other.
> It's compiled with the -mcpu=860 flag, has the cache line stuff
> patched (so you can run copyback on the 8xx), and has the floating
> point assembler instructions removed.  It was built from
> glibc-0.961212-1o, and is a tar image.

What is the latest glibc that supports the MPC860 processor and where
can I get it.  I dowloaded the latest glibc (2.1.1) from a GNU mirror
and it compiled fine with my egcs-1.1.2 powerpc-linux cross-compiler.  I
tried adding the -mcpu=860 option and it barfed.  Problems with floating
point instructions as far as I can tell.  I assume that the glibc
developers do not consider targets without a floating point processor as
a non-priority (I wish the MPC860 had an FPU).  It looks like others
have ported/modified some glibc sources to work with the -mcpu=860
option.  What version is it and where can I get it.  Are the modified
glibc sources available as an archive and/or are there patches for any
other glibc sources.

Brendan Simon.

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