Status of MPC823FADS port?

Dan Malek dmalek at
Sat Sep 4 02:18:57 EST 1999

Richard Hendricks wrote:
> Hello,
>   I was just curious as to the status of the MPC823FADS port of
> LinuxPPC.  I am interested in the video portion.  I wrote the video demo
> driver on Motorola's website, and would love to help.

I don't recommend using any (F)ADS board with Linux/PPC.  Trying
to set up the hardware and download a kernel is a horrible
experience.  You spend all of your time creating development
tools and none of it developing any application software.

The quality control of (F)ADS boards seems poor as well.  I have
spent weeks tracking down weird software bugs only to find some
hardware problem, usually out of spec signals on the board.  I
use the board next to it and it works fine.

With high quality boards available from a variety of sources
today, there is no need for the agony of using a (F)ADS board.

I am working on some video interfaces for other 823 boards.
I have a bunch of LCD screens that I have to prove to work with
the 823.

I will keep you posted.

	-- Dan

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