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Wed Oct 20 19:53:00 EST 1999

Hello, I've been given the task of evaulating various operating 
systems for some new hardware, and the company has obtained 
an MPC823FADS evaluation board.  Looking at the list archive, I 
sort of wish they had asked first!..  But it seems as though other 
people have managed to get the ppc kernel running on FADs.

What I'd really like, is to ask a big favour of someone and get a 
snapshot of their /arch/ files or whole working kernel, as reference 
and to prove that it can be done!

So far, we've managed to get version 2.2.5 set up, compiled and 
downloaded, but I think it's missing a serial driver, (crashes trying 
to print to the terminal), and we don't really know where to go from 
here - hence the plea for help.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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