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Sorin Balea sorin at
Wed Oct 20 23:18:10 EST 1999

Hello all

Almost same situation here, except that I have a 860 FADS...
So i would like to ask for any help possible (code, docs, advices, etc)
Best regards


On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, et at wrote:
> Hello, I've been given the task of evaulating various operating 
> systems for some new hardware, and the company has obtained 
> an MPC823FADS evaluation board.  Looking at the list archive, I 
> sort of wish they had asked first!..  But it seems as though other 
> people have managed to get the ppc kernel running on FADs.
> What I'd really like, is to ask a big favour of someone and get a 
> snapshot of their /arch/ files or whole working kernel, as reference 
> and to prove that it can be done!
> So far, we've managed to get version 2.2.5 set up, compiled and 
> downloaded, but I think it's missing a serial driver, (crashes trying 
> to print to the terminal), and we don't really know where to go from 
> here - hence the plea for help.  
> Any help would be greatly appreciated..
> Regards,
> Evan.

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