/dev/watchdog for onchip MPC860 watchdog?

Dan Malek dan at netx4.com
Thu Oct 21 03:56:17 EST 1999

Raphael Massin wrote:

> ... i prorammed it
> to generate a Non Maskable Interrupt instead of system reset. Those NMIs
> are handled by a special function in the Linux kernel. This function
> can reset the board, using a specific I/O, when too many NMIs occurred
> without any watchdog timer (SWSR) servicing.

That's not exactly the same thing.  You still rely upon some,
although smaller, piece of software and proper operation of your
counter (a memory location that could be corrupted by errant
software) to perform the watchdog service.

> ..... configurations,
> Dan's idea seems perfect.

A far from perfect alternative.......

	-- Dan

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