Kernel Math Emulation again

Ole.Reinartz at Ole.Reinartz at
Tue Nov 30 20:03:34 EST 1999

Hi there,

I know this was raised here already several times...
I like to run linux on an 860 with the full distribution NFS mounted
 ( )
Unfortunately most (or all) or the binaries out of this tar is compiled
without builtin math emulation. So to run this I need kernel math emulation.
I found that in
there are already some instructions emulated, using the FPU exception (at
least since version 2.2.5. ). But those are only load/store instructions
which are in C- compiler generated function pre/post code already when it is
compiled without -msoft-float.
Is there something in the works by someone which will also support all the
other instructions?
In time I try to get those in, linking libgcc.a to the kernel (zImage grows
about 200k) and implementing the instructions using functions inside it. But
until now without great success.


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