Kernel Math Emulation again

Neil Blackwood nb at
Tue Nov 30 21:04:43 EST 1999

There is some kernel maths emulation stuff in 2.3.18.
You will need to copy it over to which ever version you are using. It works.
Look for directories math-emu.
You will need to change config files and make files as well. Its fairly
easy. Even I managed it.

                                Neil Blackwood
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Subject: Kernel Math Emulation again

> Hi there,
> I know this was raised here already several times...
> I like to run linux on an 860 with the full distribution NFS mounted
>  ( )
> Unfortunately most (or all) or the binaries out of this tar is compiled
> without builtin math emulation. So to run this I need kernel math
> I found that in
> arch/ppc/kernel/softemu8xx.c
> there are already some instructions emulated, using the FPU exception (at
> least since version 2.2.5. ). But those are only load/store instructions
> which are in C- compiler generated function pre/post code already when it
> compiled without -msoft-float.
> Is there something in the works by someone which will also support all the
> other instructions?
> In time I try to get those in, linking libgcc.a to the kernel (zImage
> about 200k) and implementing the instructions using functions inside it.
> until now without great success.
> Cheers
> Ole

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