Compiling for the FADS, yet again...

Örjan Gustavsson orjan at
Thu Nov 18 22:25:54 EST 1999

Hello All!

I know that this has been asked a million times before, but I still have not
been able to get it working.....

I need to compile the linux kernel for a FADS 860 board, yes I know it's a
bad board, and that I should get another one, but, I really don't have a
FADS, I have a custom made board which is based on the FADS.

This is my first experience with trying to run linux on anything other than
a pc, so bear with me, please :)

Which version of the kernel should I get? So far I have tried to compile
2.2.5, 2.2.13 and 2.3.10 without much of luck with any one.
How do I configure the kernel for FADS, since it is not in the config menus?
(I have tried to change .config directly, but it does not helped much)

(Stupid question) Where do I get the latest version? Many people talk about
cvs and vger, but exactly which one is that?

Will there be better support for the FADS, or is it a doomed project?

Enough now.... any one have this working?


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