Compiling for the FADS, yet again...

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Nov 19 02:42:57 EST 1999

Örjan Gustavsson wrote:

> Which version of the kernel should I get?

Use the 2.2.13 tar image from  I do not (yet)
have 2.2.x updated with 8xx changes.  The 2.3.xx kernel has
almost everything.  When I am finished with the 82xx, I will
make another update there, as it affects some of the 8xx code.

> (I have tried to change .config directly, but it does not helped much)

You have to make corresponding changes in include/linux/autoconf.h.

> Will there be better support for the FADS, or is it a doomed project?

I have received a few FADS patches that I will get into CVS with
my next update, maybe over the holidays.

	-- Dan

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