[PATCH 6/6] powerpc/powernv: Fix little endian issues in OPAL dump code

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Wed Apr 23 07:31:15 EST 2014


> -int64_t opal_dump_info(uint32_t *dump_id, uint32_t *dump_size);
> -int64_t opal_dump_info2(uint32_t *dump_id, uint32_t *dump_size, uint32_t *dump_type);
> +int64_t opal_dump_info(__be32 *dump_id, __be32 *dump_size);
> +int64_t opal_dump_info2(__be32 *dump_id, __be32 *dump_size, __be32 *dump_type);
>  int64_t opal_dump_read(uint32_t dump_id, uint64_t buffer);
>  int64_t opal_dump_ack(uint32_t dump_id);  
> Shouldn't we change above two functions as well ?

No, there are no endian issues here because we pass the values via
register. The only endian issues are for values we pass via pointer.

> Should we convert ID back to BE format in dump_send_ack()  ?

Same as above.


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