How to define an I2C-to-SPI bridge device ?

Grant Likely grant.likely at
Mon Sep 13 14:39:57 EST 2010

On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 05:10:35PM +0200, André Schwarz wrote:
> > > BTW: would "drivers/misc" be a proper location ?
> > > Who's supposed to pick that driver up and on what list shall I post it
> > > for review ?
> > 
> > You should cc spi-devel-general, and feel free to cc me.  drivers/misc
> > would probably be an okay place for it to live; but if it only appears
> > on a single machine, then it may make more sense in
> > arch/*/<board-directory>.  What arch or SoC is this running on?
> ok - currently I'm preparing bring up of a MPC8377 based system.
> But we have this chips on multiple boards and also on generic PCIe
> grabber cards running on any desktop PC.
> Since we could use the driver directly after registering the various I2C
> masters I'd prefer to go with drivers/misc. After all it's a simple I2C
> slave device usable by anyone ...

If it is a video capture device, then wouldn't drivers/video
or drivers/media make sense?  Search for "MEDIA INPUT" in the


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