How to define an I2C-to-SPI bridge device ?

André Schwarz at
Mon Sep 13 01:10:35 EST 2010

Grant, Anton,


> > 
> > Doing this in parallel will speed things up significantly.
> Yeah; Then I would handle it as a separate cs# and map it to enabling
> multiple CS lines at a time.

sounds reasonable - will do it that way.

> > BTW: would "drivers/misc" be a proper location ?
> > Who's supposed to pick that driver up and on what list shall I post it
> > for review ?
> You should cc spi-devel-general, and feel free to cc me.  drivers/misc
> would probably be an okay place for it to live; but if it only appears
> on a single machine, then it may make more sense in
> arch/*/<board-directory>.  What arch or SoC is this running on?

ok - currently I'm preparing bring up of a MPC8377 based system.
But we have this chips on multiple boards and also on generic PCIe
grabber cards running on any desktop PC.

Since we could use the driver directly after registering the various I2C
masters I'd prefer to go with drivers/misc. After all it's a simple I2C
slave device usable by anyone ...

Will send an initial patch for review after basic verification with real

Thanks for your help.


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