ndfc ecc byte order

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Thu Jan 31 08:01:04 EST 2008

On Wednesday 30 January 2008, Sean MacLennan wrote:
> There seems to be a byte order conflict between the u-boot and Linux
> ndfc drivers.
> u-boot has the following:
>     /* The NDFC uses Smart Media (SMC) bytes order*/
>     ecc_code[0] = p[2];
>     ecc_code[1] = p[1];
>     ecc_code[2] = p[3];
> the kernel has:
>     ecc_code[0] = p[1];
>     ecc_code[1] = p[2];
>     ecc_code[2] = p[3];
> I think u-boot has it right since u-boot and kernel software calculated
> ECCs agree. Anybody know a reason *not* to switch to the SMC byte order?

Please take a look at Kconfig

	tristate "NDFC NanD Flash Controller"
	depends on 4xx && !PPC_MERGE

So the SMC byte ordering is selected and it should match the version used in 
U-Boot. In Linux the swapping is done in nand_ecc.c.

So it should work correctly in the current configuration. At least I didn't 
notice any problems on all the 4xx platforms I used till now.

Best regards,

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