[patch v6 0/4] Cypress c67x00 (EZ-Host/EZ-OTG) support

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at sunsite.dk
Tue Jan 29 23:24:30 EST 2008

The Cypress c67x00 (EZ-Host/EZ-OTG) controllers are multi-role low/fullspeed
USB controllers. This patch series implements a HCD driver and shows the
work-in-progress status of a gadget driver.

I believe patch 1..3 are ready, and I would like to see them queued up for

Changes since v5:
 - Merged c67x00_ll_{get,set}_siemsg() into c67x00_ll_fetch_siemsg().
 - Fix for interrupt race condition at probe time (reported by Grant)

Changes since v4:
 - Addressed Grant's comments (c67x00_dev->c67x00_hcd_dev, label indent)
 - Moved c67x00_ll_set_ep_{ctrl,packet_size}_reg() to patch 4 as they are
   only needed for gadget support.
 - Added c67x00_ prefix to struct lcp_int_data

Changes since v3:
- Lots of cleanups: checkpatch, interrupt handling, c67x00_ prefixes, ..
- The dummy platform_device's created per serial engine are gone.
- Gadget driver (WIP)

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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