request_irq() for external interrupt pin on MPC875 (A&M adder MPC 875)

Rognlien Dag Kristian Dag.K.Rognlien at
Tue Jan 29 00:28:48 EST 2008

With kernel 2.6.13 we used 
request_irq (use_irq, irq_handler, SA_INTERRUPT|SA_SHIRQ, DEVICE_NAME,
where use_irq is 12 to use the external IRQ6 pin.
We are now trying to get this driver to work with the 2.6.25 pull from
request_irq (use_irq, irq_handler, IRQF_SHARED, DEVICE_NAME, dev);
returns -ENOSYS on the newer kernel.
Have the IRQ mappings for the external IRQX pins been moved in the later
Dag K. W. Rognlien
Research Scientist
SINTEF ICT Communication Systems

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