Patches added to for-2.6.25/master branches of powerpc.git

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Sun Jan 27 04:29:34 EST 2008

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008 17:16:38 +1100
Paul Mackerras <paulus at> wrote:

> This includes commits pulled from Josh Boyer, Kumar Gala, Grant
> Likely, and Olof Johansson.  I reverted the "Fake NUMA emulation for
> PowerPC" commit because it changed behaviour even when the fake numa
> command-line option wasn't given.
> I'll be asking Linus to pull within the next few days, so please
> remind me about anything else that should go in 2.6.25.

I have a couple patches that depend on the netdev and USB
trees being merged first.  And I'm sure we'll have some bug fix patches
at some point to deal with the clash-o-git trees that seems to be


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