[PATCH] [POWERPC] Always build setup-bus.c on powerpc

Kumar Gala galak at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Jan 24 17:33:34 EST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008, at 12:28 AM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 00:07 -0600, Kumar Gala wrote:
>> The common arch/powerpc code calls in to functions in setup-bus.c
>> so some builds of ppc32 would fail.
>> Note, ppc32 usage of setup-irq.c is limited to arch/ppc and should be
>> removed when arch/ppc goes away.
> I don't understand... the old code would build setup-bus.o for both
> PPC32 and PPC64 cases, how did you make it fail ?

The patch is bogus.  The old makefile rules looked like:

obj-$(CONFIG_PPC64) += setup-bus.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PPC32) += setup-irq.o

pmac most like builds because CONFIG_HOTPLUG pulls in setup-bus.o

(I'll fix my foobar'd patch and send this via Paul).

- k

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