[PATCH] Fix boot problem in situations where the boot CPU is running on a memoryless node

Christoph Lameter clameter at sgi.com
Thu Jan 24 05:36:25 EST 2008

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Pekka J Enberg wrote:

> Furthermore, don't let kmem_getpages() call alloc_pages_node() if nodeid passed
> to it is -1 as the latter will always translate that to numa_node_id() which
> might not have ->nodelist that caused the invocation of fallback_alloc() in the
> first place (for example, during bootstrap).

kmem_getpages is called without GFP_THISNODE. This 
alloc_pages_node(numa_node_id(), ...) will fall back to the next node with 

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