[patch 00/16] PS3 patch collection for 2.6.25

Geoff Levand geoffrey.levand at am.sony.com
Sat Jan 19 07:29:31 EST 2008


I collected together all the unapplied PS3 patches into a series
and re-based them to your for-2.6.25 branch.

Patches #14 and #15 are new, but just code cleanups.  All other patches
have already been reviewed on the ML and have no outstanding comments
or requests.

Please apply for 2.6.25.  If you like, I can re-base or breakup the
series as you like.


[01/16] POWERPC: Add Cell SPRN bookmark register
[02/16] PS3: Make bus_id and dev_id u64
[03/16] PS3: Add ps3_repository_find_device_by_id()
[04/16] PS3: Use the HVs storage device notification mechanism properly
[05/16] PS3: Add repository polling loop to work around timing bug
[06/16] PS3: Kill unused ps3_repository_bump_device()
[07/16] PS3: Refactor ps3_repository_find_device()
[08/16] PS3: Checkpatch cleanups for drivers/ps3/ps3-sys-manager.c
[09/16] PS3: Checkpatch cleanups for drivers/ps3/ps3-vuart.c
[10/16] PS3: Checkpatch cleanups for arch/powerpc/platforms/ps3/repository.c
[11/16] PS3: Add logical performance monitor repository routines
[12/16] PS3: Add logical performance monitor device support
[13/16] PS3: Add logical performance monitor driver support
[14/16] PS3: Vuart change semaphore to mutex
[15/16] PS3: Revove use lpar address workaround
[16/16] PS3: Update ps3_defconfig


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