2.6.24-rc8-mm1 Kernel oops will running kernbench

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Fri Jan 18 21:26:24 EST 2008

Kamalesh Babulal writes:

> >>> NIP: 0000000000004570 LR: 000000000fc42dc0 CTR: 0000000000000000
> >>> REGS: c00000077b6bf8c0 TRAP: 0300   Not tainted  (2.6.24-rc8-mm1-autotest)
> >>> MSR: 8000000000001000 <ME>  CR: 28022422  XER: 00000000
> >>> DAR: c00000077b6bfce0, DSISR: 000000000a000000

Actually, how much RAM does this machine have?  If it has less than
32GB, then the problem is that the kernel stack pointer is bogus.
(How it got to be bogus is the interesting question, of course. :)


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