[PATCH v4 02/13] [POWERPC] Add 'fsl, lpb' bus type for MPC5200 LocalPlus Bus

Marian Balakowicz m8 at semihalf.com
Fri Jan 18 01:30:10 EST 2008

Hi Grant,

Sorry, for the late reply.

Grant Likely wrote:
> On 11/9/07, Marian Balakowicz <m8 at semihalf.com> wrote:
>> Define MPC52xx specific device id list, add new
>> 'fsl,lpb' compatible id for LocalPlus Bus.
> I'll pick this up, but I'm going to drop the .compatible="soc" line.
> (I'd like to drop the device_type="soc" line also, but that requires a
> bit more thought first).

I finally got a chance to re-test my 5200 patches. I pulled
'for-2.6.25' branch from your tree where you already applied those
patches and adapted .dts and _defconfig files.

See '[POWERPC] Update TQM5200, CM5200 and Motion-PRO _defconfig and
.dts files' patch. It introduces necessary modification resulting from
the meantime development, so please pick this one up as well.

I got one more pending patch: '[POWERPC] Motion-PRO: Add LED support',
but that's the diver code and I am not sure who should be picking it
up, any ideas?


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