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Thu Jan 17 10:26:18 EST 2008

Hello Rune,

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 10:50:53AM -0600, Rune Torgersen wrote:
> Hi
> We're doing a port to 2.6.24-rc7, and we need to set up two ethernets
> with fixed phy's as they have phyless interfaces to a switch.
> WE cannot find any good examples on how to do this. We've found the
> fixed speed PHY emulation in the configuration, but are unsure on
> how to set the PHY's up in the device tree.
> This is using a 8280 cpu and ethernet on the FCC's

See these patches:

Fixed phy subsystem rework:

Fixed phy generic dts parsing & gianfar support:

Fixed phy support for fs_enet driver (SCC/FCC/FEC):

Example of usage:

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