[PATCH 1/2] 8xx: Analogue & Micro Adder875 board support.

Stephen Rothwell sfr at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Jan 16 15:35:44 EST 2008

Hi Scott,

On Tue, 15 Jan 2008 17:30:45 -0600 Scott Wood <scottwood at freescale.com> wrote:
> +++ b/arch/powerpc/platforms/8xx/adder875.c

> +static __initdata const struct cpm_pin adder875_pins[] = {

Sorry, but you can't have both const and __inittdata.  The section
attributes that each use conflict.  So just make it __initdata.

> +static __initdata const struct of_device_id __initdata of_bus_ids[] = {

Same here.

Stephen Rothwell                    sfr at canb.auug.org.au
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