[PATCH] fsl_soc: Fix get_immrbase() to use ranges, rather than reg.

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Wed Jan 16 05:07:40 EST 2008

Kumar Gala wrote:
>> Why go out of our way to fail on a childless soc node?
> do we see any case in which we'd have a childless soc node?

It's possible that it could be used to communicate immrbase and soc 
type, but nothing else.  Not overly likely, but possible.

> I'm just concerned about make sure this works for all the various cases 
> of #address-cells and #size-cells.

It should.  We check the soc's #address-cells to skip the child bus 
address, and of_translate_address should take care of looking up the 
parent #address-cells.  The size portion of the ranges is ignored.


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