crash in kmem_cache_init

Olaf Hering olaf at
Wed Jan 16 02:58:26 EST 2008

On Tue, Jan 15, Olaf Hering wrote:

> Current linus tree crashes in kmem_cache_init, as shown below. The
> system is a 8cpu 2.2GHz POWER5 system, model 9117-570, with 4GB ram.
> Firmware is 240_332, 2.6.23 boots ok with the same config.
> There is a series of mm related patches in 2.6.24-rc1:
> commit 04231b3002ac53f8a64a7bd142fde3fa4b6808c6 seems to break it,

2.6.24-rc6-mm1-ppc64 boots past this point, but crashes later.
Likely unrelated to the kmem_cache_init bug:

matroxfb: 640x480x8bpp (virtual: 640x26214)
matroxfb: framebuffer at 0x40178000000, mapped to 0xd000080080080000, size 33554432
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 80x30
fb0: MATROX frame buffer device
matroxfb_crtc2: secondary head of fb0 was registered as fb1
vio_register_driver: driver hvc_console registering
HVSI: registered 0 devices
Generic RTC Driver v1.07
Serial: 8250/16550 driver $Revision: 1.90 $ 4 ports, IRQ sharing disabled
pmac_zilog: 0.6 (Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at>)
input: Macintosh mouse button emulation as /devices/virtual/input/input0
Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 7.00alpha2
ide: Assuming 33MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with idebus=xx
ehci_hcd 0000:c8:01.2: EHCI Host Controller
ehci_hcd 0000:c8:01.2: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
ehci_hcd 0000:c8:01.2: irq 85, io mem 0x400a0002000
ehci_hcd 0000:c8:01.2: USB 2.0 started, EHCI 1.00, driver 10 Dec 2004
usb usb1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
hub 1-0:1.0: USB hub found
hub 1-0:1.0: 5 ports detected
Unable to handle kernel paging request for data at address 0x00000050
Faulting instruction address: 0xc0000000000fa1c4
cpu 0x7: Vector: 300 (Data Access) at [c0000000d82e7a70]
    pc: c0000000000fa1c4: .cache_reap+0x74/0x29c
    lr: c0000000000fa198: .cache_reap+0x48/0x29c
    sp: c0000000d82e7cf0
   msr: 8000000000009032
   dar: 50
 dsisr: 40000000
  current = 0xc0000000d82d85c0
  paca    = 0xc000000000668e00
    pid   = 27, comm = events/7
enter ? for help
[c0000000d82e7cf0] c00000000070be98 vmstat_update+0x0/0x18 (unreliable)
[c0000000d82e7da0] c000000000092994 .run_workqueue+0x120/0x210
[c0000000d82e7e40] c000000000093bb8 .worker_thread+0xcc/0xf0
[c0000000d82e7f00] c000000000097b70 .kthread+0x78/0xc4
[c0000000d82e7f90] c00000000002ab74 .kernel_thread+0x4c/0x68

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